How to Get More from Your Crafts

We’ve all had the experience of buying the cheapest craft we can, then finding out it’s not the best.

That’s exactly what happened with this vintage craft storage cart, which we’ve seen around town and on social media. 

The craft store’s name is a play on the word craft, but it’s really a container of a single item.

We can see it in the picture, which shows a metal cart with a metal lid. 

This item is a wooden crate, which is why we’re called wooden crates.

The cart itself is made of a durable metal.

It’s not as sturdy as the craft store and is quite heavy.

It could be the case the metal is cracked.

The lid isn’t made of wood, either, but a solid plastic. 

There’s also a shelf that holds all the items inside, along with some other goodies, such as an umbrella and a few candles.

There are no windows on this cart, so you have to look up to see the inside.

The contents can be used to create a candle holder.

The wooden crate isn’t the best for storage, but the lid and the rest of the contents are pretty good.

The only real problem with the wooden crate is that it’s a bit heavy and can take a while to put together.

We would have liked to see a larger wooden crate that could hold a lot more.