‘We can’t get over this’: Israelis celebrate with turkey craft

A pair of Israelis celebrated their Thanksgiving turkey craft on Friday with the help of local residents, as they made sure to bring the most expensive turkey on earth along.

While the turkey wasn’t the cheapest available, it was the most luxurious and cost effective, and the couple who decided to make the craft decided to give it a go with a local community centre in Tel Aviv.

“I feel very lucky to be able to share this with the community,” said Mika Rabinowitz, who works as a personal assistant in the local municipality.

“We have a community centre and we are so used to getting turkeys, but the first one was a bit too expensive, so we decided to do something different.”

My husband wanted to bring something that we didn’t have anywhere else.

We decided to have our own homemade turkey, and we brought a couple of the most beautiful turkeys that we could find in the area,” she said.”

It’s a beautiful piece of art, and it’s something that people around us can see and appreciate.

It’s something we’re really proud of, and something we’ll keep doing,” added Rabinovitz.

A woman wearing a turban and carrying a handmade gift, called a “dummy turkey”, stands in front of a turkeys neck in Tel Hashomer, Israel, Nov. 15, 2017.

The turkey was bought from a local woman who has donated it to the community centre.

The husband of the woman brought the most extravagant turkey to the craft, which included an extravagant table with an intricate carving, and a large turquoise-coloured turban, which she also helped make.”

She has an amazing skill, and she made the turkey very quickly, so it’s not like it took days or weeks to make,” Rabinovsky explained.”

They have to be made by hand, so I think that it’s really special, and I really hope people enjoy it.

“The couple has been making turkey crafts for years, and they said that they want to share the experience with other people.”

One day, when I’m not here, it might be something that I want to do again,” Rabelowitz said.