A craft brewery in California gets the spotlight

Craft Beer is a relatively new, niche subgenre of craft beer, and it’s only just starting to gain mainstream acceptance in the United States.

The craft beer movement is growing rapidly and in 2017, craft breweries produced an estimated 5.5 million barrels of beer.

The number is set to grow even faster this year, and is projected to hit more than 7.5 billion barrels of brewing capacity by 2020.

Craft breweries are known for their distinctive, flavorful brews and innovative product lines, but the craft beer industry is also known for its unique personalities and the unique way that beer styles are made.

That makes craft beer one of the most culturally diverse beer styles in the country.

Craft beer has come a long way since the days of beer cans, cans of beer and small bottles, but there’s a lot to learn about the craft brewery craft beer scene.

There are many different ways to make beer, but here are some tips and tricks for learning how to brew a great beer.

What are craft breweries?

Craft beer is an all-inclusive category, meaning all beer is made with only the best ingredients.

The term means “made with the utmost care and attention to detail,” and it comes from the craft brewing industry.

This craft beer is typically a combination of several different beers, depending on the brewery and their style.

The beer is then blended and then bottled, which is then sold in cans and bottles, usually to restaurants, bars, and retail outlets.

There’s no such thing as a craft beer “bottle” in the sense that a craft brewer can only sell one bottle of beer to one customer at a time.

Rather, a beer is often packaged with a “bottled-and-packaged” tag, which indicates the beer was packaged with the brewery’s own ingredients, and thus is of the highest quality.

Some craft breweries offer beer to customers at a discounted price, while others have an option for customers to purchase their own beer for a nominal fee.

The brewery may also offer other beer options such as beer samples, beer tasters, and special offers.

There may also be a special promotion for customers that includes an additional charge for their purchase.

What are the rules for a brewery?

Craft breweries in the U.S. have three distinct requirements: A brewery must be a member of the American Brewers Guild, and must produce more than 100,000 barrels of alcohol a year.

Each of these breweries must be certified by the National Brewers Guild (NGB) to be a craft brewery.

The NGB certifies the following: A majority of the breweries must have a physical location in the states of Oregon, Washington, and California.

This includes a brewery in the state of Oregon that has more than 10,000 employees.