Cats learn to fly in a virtual plane

A new app is helping cats learn to make their own flying machines.

CatFishing Adventures aims to give cats a chance to learn to craft their own aircraft, and they’re taking to Instagram to show how they’re getting on.

Key points:The app lets cats learn how to fly by playing video games like “Pilot”, and by watching video tutorials from vets and other expertsCatFishers also have a chance at winning a trip to the UK for their effortsCatFisher’s founders say the app is being used by around 1,500 people worldwideCatFishes’ founder said the app would help the cat “learn how to make things that people want them to make”.

“They can use it to go out and do things for fun and get to see a bit of the world,” she said.

“The thing that is most important is the ability to interact with the world around you, which they can use for self-expression and for their own self-fulfillment.”

They really love the idea of flying and having fun, but they also love learning.

“CatFished Adventures’ main goal is to help cats learn skills that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for them to do in real life, such as how to navigate a plane, how to operate a helicopter, and how to use the internet.”

A lot of the learning is just being able to watch videos, which is a good way to help your cat get into the game,” Ms Tully said.

Catfishing Adventures has raised $30,000 in its first 24 hours, with more than $20,000 still to be raised.”

It’s a little bit like a freebie, where we can do all the fun stuff, but it’s a real reward if we get to fly on the plane,” Ms Moulton said.

She said they had been testing the app with vets and a few vets have already been able to fly it.”

We have vets in this country who have been flying and they’ve done really well,” Ms Foy said.

Ms Moulson said the company was looking for vets to join their team.”

If we can get vets who have already flown this, that’s really helpful,” she explained.”

There’s a lot of cats out there that are still learning these skills, so that’s a really good sign.