Why Chris Craft won’t be playing for the Blackhawks this season

Craft, a defenseman who signed a two-year, $5.2 million contract last season, was in Chicago for the Christmas Craft craft crafts, a holiday-themed celebration of the craft industry.

He was there with his fiancée, and they planned to stay for the holiday.

Craft, whose father was a local businessman, was not there to celebrate.

“I was very happy, because my family is the ones who raised me,” Craft said.

“The Christmas craft crafts was a great experience for me.”

Craft said he was happy to have the experience.

“This was something I was able to share with my fiancé and my kids.

It was a dream come true.

It felt good to get to know them and have them be a part of it.”

Craft’s father, Steve Craft, said he’s proud of the way his son is treating the craft community.

“Chris has done everything in his power to help,” he said.

“(The community) has done great.

They have been very helpful and they are very loving.

They are very happy for Chris and he’s been a good role model for them.

He’s been very open about his family and what he does.”

Craft is not the only one who is a little frustrated with the craft craft industry, which has grown over the past two decades and now employs more than 2,300 people in the U.S. Craft said that’s not the case with him.

“People are doing a lot more than just getting the job done.

There’s a lot of other things going on, too,” Craft, who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks, said.

Craft’s fiancés will attend his Christmas craft, along with his kids, and his two-week-old son, Max, will get to play with the toys.

“They’re really going to enjoy that.

I think they’ll like it a lot,” Craft added.

Craft has not played in a Blackhawks game since last season because of the flu, which prevented him from participating in the Christmas craft craft.

He said he plans to be back playing soon, although he expects to miss some time.

“If they’re not getting the flu now, then I will be back next year,” Craft joked.

Craft also said he has no plans to play in the Stanley Cup playoffs, which are scheduled to begin on Feb. 15.