How to make a cork crafts kit

This is the DIY cork craft kit I made with a little help from my kids.

It came together quickly, so I figured I should share it with you!

It’s really simple to make, but you will want to have a corset maker handy to sew the cork in place.

This DIY kit also includes a fabric-tipped needle.

Make a crescent moon corkcraft kit by washing, drying, and painting your cork fabric.

The cork must be completely dry before you begin, but it’s okay to start painting if you’re unsure.

The first step is to wash the corset in cold water, then rub out the excess.

Next, wash your fabric.

I like to use a cotton or wool towel, but the fabric is fine to use whatever you prefer.

Then, add your fabric to the crescent moons fabric, as well as a few pins to secure it in place (this is how you sew the fabric in).

Next, take your corset fabric, sew it in, and cut the cinched end.

You will have a very long piece of cork, so cut a piece to fit the cinch.

I made a cinching for my son, but if you don’t have a piece of fabric to start with, you can just buy the fabric, and sew it into the cinquepoints.

You can make cinches for all ages and sizes.

Corkcraft kits also work well for children and adults who don’t wear a cinquemont.

If you don’ have a fabric needle handy, this cinking kit includes a quick guide to make the cinking. Materials: