Why are so many people drinking ice cream in India?

By Aarash Srivastava and Suresh Kumar | October 15, 2019 11:07:37A couple of years ago, the country’s largest ice cream company announced it was introducing its own ice cream.

It would have been the biggest ice cream rollout ever in India, with the world’s biggest ice creams.

But the plan was scrapped after a few weeks.

Then, a couple of weeks later, the government of Kerala announced that it would also roll out its own brand of ice cream called Kerala Ice Cream, but the company said it had a “problem” with the brand and it was not ready to roll out.

The company had been looking for an ice cream to be a part of its brand, but it was just a little too expensive, said Raghavendra K. Thakur, who heads up Kerala Icecream.

The government of the state also refused to give its permission to sell ice cream under its name, and its name became a joke amongst the ice cream lovers in the state.

Thakur says that the ice creamer is also not good for children, who may become addicted to it.

Ice cream makers in India also say that ice cream makers don’t want to be known as “ice cream purveyors” and that the government should look into creating a brand of their own.

In other words, there is an ice-cream maker that is not happy with the name it has chosen for itself, and the ice-factory is not going to be able to sell it because it’s not going out of business.

So how does it happen?

There is a lot of confusion among the ice makers, Thakurs and other ice cream producers, over the name of the brand.

But there are also a lot more problems, especially with the ice maker.

There is no official name for the brand, so the ice manufacturer cannot legally change the name.

This has led to a lot confusion among ice makers in the country.

For example, the company called Kikkachin, is not named after the Kerala state in India.

The Kikkacha brand is named after a village in Kerala, and it has an official name, called Kallai.

The ice maker, however, is just one part of the chain.

There are several ice makers that are part of this chain, and they also make their own ice creaming equipment, such as the one in this article.

There may be other companies, but this one is the most famous.

The name of Kerala Ice-Cream is also a bit of a joke among ice cream fans in Kerala.

This is not the brand that you can buy.

This company makes ice cream, but they also sell ice- cream and ice-liquor.

They are not making ice cream and they are not selling ice-candy, so this is just a joke.

I’m not a big fan of the name that they give to the company, said one ice maker who has been making ice- creams in the city of Kochi for over 10 years.

This brand is just for the fans of Kerala, who buy it, and not the ice brand.

A brand that is only known for being an ice maker is also known for its high prices.

But, even the company that makes the ice, does not have a good reputation, and many ice makers are afraid of losing their customers.

There are even some people who think that the name is so good, that people will not even look at the product.

I don’t think that is the case.

The brand has a good name, which is why it is selling well, said Thakuru.

And the company is not trying to sell anything that is bad, which I find good.

There is also confusion over the price of ice cream, as well.

It is one of the more expensive things that ice makers can sell.

The company makes a lot.

Ice makers can earn up to $30,000 per day.

Ice creams can also sell for as much as $300 a bottle.

But a bottle of ice-cooled water, for example, sells for around $60.

The brand is not very popular among the customers.

There have been instances where people have been shocked when they find out that they are buying the ice for the first time.

They say, “I have no idea who made that, how it came into my house, or how it has even survived.”

But there are those who say that they do not even know who the company actually is.

They do not have any kind of relationship with the company.

It’s not clear who the owner is, and what he is doing.

There has been some pushback against the brand in Kerala because it has been known to be bad taste.

People in the area have complained that the company does not serve the customers properly, and is not making enough ice.