Craft Beer Is A Serious Business in New York

Craft beer is one of the fastest-growing segments of the American economy.

It’s not the only category, but it’s growing fast.

But in this country, the definition of what constitutes a craft beer company is changing as craft beer continues to gain popularity.

The word craft has been thrown around a lot lately, and the idea is that it’s just a bunch of people with a few good ideas who want to do good things.

The truth is that a craft brewery is much more than a bunch on a shelf.

It involves a lot of people who want the best beer possible, a commitment to the craft process, and a belief in the importance of quality.

And that’s something that’s growing in popularity all across the country.

That’s what the Brewers Association is trying to change with its new definition of craft.

We’re trying to bring craft back into the marketplace, because what it means to be a craft brewer is very much a consumer decision, it’s about quality, and it’s really about doing things that are more sustainable.

“It’s really a consumer choice” is one word that describes how a lot people view craft beer in the United States.

But how does that affect what you can sell?

It means the beer that’s being brewed right now is not necessarily going to be good beer.

“You’re probably looking at an IPA that has maybe 10 percent yeast,” said Dave Schuster, an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California who studies beer and beverage science.

“The beer that we sell, we’re making for our customers, and they’re making a decision about what to buy.

It could be something with 10 percent beer, or it could be a beer with a 50-50 mix of beer and yeast.”

The Brewers Association defines a craft brew as one brewed with a yeast strain that’s at least 50 percent the size of the yeast that gives beer its flavor and aroma.

For example, it doesn’t have to be as simple as using the yeast to grow the beer.

If you use the same yeast to make a single batch of beer, the flavor will be lost.

So while a lot brewers are brewing the same batch of craft beer with the same strain, the craft beer will likely taste different.

But it’s important to note that it won’t taste completely different because the yeast is growing the beer in a different way.

Schuster said that brewers often use different strains of yeast to brew the same beer.

For instance, some brewers use a strain called Brettanomyces.

This is a relatively new type of yeast, and Brettanoms are known for producing a beer that is very sour and has a funky taste.

Other brewers use an older strain called Saccharomyces Brettanum.

This strain has a lot more acidity and is also known for being a great way to ferment and carbonate beers.

“A lot of brewers are really using the same strains of Brettanomas to make the same recipe, and that’s actually what happens with a lot that’s brewed now,” Schuster explained.

But Schuster pointed out that there’s a lot going on between the two strains, and there are even strains of both strains in some beers.

He added that a lot different brewers have used the same Brettanomes in different beers.

And he said that some of the brewers who are using the old strains may have been able to make some good beers with them.

“But the idea that these strains were somehow going to somehow impart that unique, funky flavor that we all love, or that some breweries could make these beers better than others, that’s just not true,” he said.

But some brewers are making more of a conscious effort to use the newer strains to craft their beers.

For those that have the opportunity to do that, they’re also doing their own research to figure out how to brew better beers.

That research is what drives the Brewers’ Beer Study, a research initiative by the Brewers Assocation that tries to identify the best yeast strains in different styles of beer.

In the new definition, Schuster’s study shows that there are about two-thirds of all beers made in the US using a strain of Saccharomys Brettanamyrus.

That means that about 80 percent of all beer sold in the U.S. is made using a Saccharomicus strain.

That number is even higher for a lot less popular styles of beers like IPAs, which use Brettanams Brettanums.

In other words, the Brewers are hoping that more brewers will use more strains of the same style of yeast as the American beer market grows.

“There’s a whole other aspect of this that we’re really excited about, and we want to see if we can really create an industry that’s sustainable,” said Dan Rolfes, who heads the Brewers, Brewing and Distilling Association.

Rolfs is a member of the Brewers association’s advisory board.

He said that in the past, he and other members of the