How to tell if you’re a dad in 2020

It’s Valentine’s Day and dadhood is in full swing.

The date is marked by all the different things you can do to make yourself a happier person, and I’ve included a few of the best of them below.

I know, it’s a pretty easy way to start, but it’s still worth a shot.


Start with a big picture of your dad 2.

Take time to thank him 3.

Make a big deal out of the fact that you’re giving him a present (or two) 4.

Make sure you give him something nice to hold on to while you’re at the dinner table 5.

Don’t say anything at the end of the day 6.

Take a break from the day to go to a romantic getaway 7.

Make something special for your dad at home 8.

Make an event to celebrate dadhood 9.

Start a family tradition 10.

Share a special gift with someone else 11.

Find a way to make dad happy 12.

Start planning your Father’s Day party or celebration 13.

Make time for family and friends to meet you at the bar 14.

Have some fun with your dad’s favorite food 15.

Start to create a new holiday tradition 16.

Take dad out for a walk 17.

Make the best dinner of your life 18.

Make it happen with some of your best friends 19.

Create a personalized gift for your mom for Father’s Week 20.

Do something fun with the holidays 21.

Make some special dinner dates for your son 22.

Start the tradition of getting together with your family at the movies 23.

Do a special Father’s Weekend gift for a special friend 24.

Do some family fun activities 25.

Make your dad feel special 26.

Find something to make him feel more at home at the beach 27.

Have a special family dinner for a friend 28.

Do an amazing Dad’s Day dance 29.

Make Dad’s day a day to remember 30.

Be an awesome dad for your child 31.

Spend some time with your kids for Father Christmas!


Start making Father’s weekend a special event 33.

Start your own Dad’s weekend family tradition 34.

Find some cool holiday decorations for your kids to share 35.

Go to a family reunion 36.

Play some Dad’s songs 37.

Take some dad-centric photo opportunities 38.

Make dad-themed holiday party photos 39.

Make dinner plans for your family 40.

Get your family together to celebrate Father’s day 41.

Start celebrating Father’s and the holidays!


Take pictures of all the gifts you got dad 43.

Do the dad dance for your friends 44.

Get some of the coolest Christmas decorations 45.

Make this holiday special 46.

Take the dad out to dinner 47.

Make these dad-approved family pictures 48.

Do dad-focused events for your little ones 49.

Take your kids on a dad-free adventure 50.

Make one of your kids a gift for Father Easter 51.

Create the perfect gift for Dad in your own house 52.

Take to the mall to spend time with a dad 53.

Make dads holiday special 54.

Make mom’s day special 55.

Make her the most amazing dad in the world 56.

Celebrate the holiday with a great family dinner!


Make Father’s week special 58.

Start taking dad out on a holiday adventure 59.

Make all of your friends and family a part of Father’s celebration 60.

Do one of the most fun Father’s days ever 61.

Start going out with your friends to celebrate your dad 62.

Get a gift from your friends for Father Mother’s Day 63.

Have the perfect Father’s party to celebrate dads birthday 64.

Make you a proud dad 65.

Have fun with all of dad’s family members at your house 66.

Celebrating dad’s birthday at the pool with friends 67.

Make yourself a proud daddy 68.

Make daddy-friendly activities for your whole family 69.

Make things extra dad-friendly 70.

Be a dad on Father’s Friday 71.

Take all of his birthday gifts to his house 72.

Do your best dad-papa dance for the kids 73.

Have your friends make some great dad-tribute videos 74.

Start enjoying the holidays with a bunch of dads 75.

Be dad-happy in the yard 76.

Take yourself out for some fun, dad-inspired activities 77.

Make him proud by getting his birthday gift 78.

Make fun of the way you’re dressed 79.

Make his birthday special 80.

Share your favorite dad-related videos 81.

Make that gift for dad 82.

Create some great Dad’s week events 83.

Get the entire family together at your next Father’s trip 84.

Take out some fun Father Christmas cards 85.

Go out to your favorite restaurant to celebrate Dad’s birthday 86.

Have one of dad and his kids do a little dance for dad 87.

Celebrated your father’s birthday in the backyard 88.

Make everyone in the house feel special 89.

Have family fun with dad’s friends 90.

Get Dad to come visit