Why is the Brewers starting Cole Hamels at second base?

With Cole Hamel’s return to the Milwaukee Brewers starting rotation coming up this weekend, many Brewers fans will be wondering what will happen with second base.

The answer?

It’s not that simple. 

As I wrote earlier today, there are several factors that could change the way the Brewers go about making that decision.

First, there’s the question of whether or not Hamels can make the team and play.

That’s going to be a very important factor for the Brewers.

The Brewers have made Hamels their starting second baseman for several years now.

He is their best hitter, the team’s best hitter and the team leader in stolen bases.

That means he’s likely to get the call to start at second.

He has been in the starting lineup more than most guys in the majors this year.

In fact, he’s started more games at second than anyone else in the league.

The issue is, with Hamels as the team leadoff hitter, his teammates have been able to beat him there.

This year, Hamels is hitting .290 with six home runs and 24 RBIs in 34 games.

His .848 OPS is second only to Miguel Cabrera’s .910 OPS and the Brewers lead the league in OPS.

His defense is solid, but he’s not particularly dangerous at the plate.

The most important thing is that he has proven to be an excellent hitter.

This season, he has batted .333 with five home runs, 33 RBIs and a .817 OPS.

He’s hit in the middle of the order, he hit .309 with six homers and 18 RBIs, and he’s also slugged .583.

It’s all a little bit of a puzzle right now.

Hamels’ production has been steady, but his defense hasn’t been that great either.

Hamel is a solid defender, but I don’t think the Brewers want to go into a stretch where he is starting at second and is struggling.

There is a chance the Brewers could get away with it this season and start Hamels there instead.

This is where the question comes in.

Will they trade Hamels?

The Brewers are going to need a major bat to play second base and a good hitter to start there.

They could use a bat or two, but that might not be a good trade.

The other option would be to trade Hamel, but then the Brewers have to figure out how to get him.

They have a couple of guys who could be trade bait, but none of them would be great.

The team might be able to find a trade partner that can get them a better player in return for Hamels.

I would love to see the Brewers make this trade, but it could be a long time coming.

That said, it’s probably not the best time to make a move in this market.

I expect that the Brewers will be making a run at the Brewers second best hitter.

If they want to move him, they’ll have to trade for someone else.