Which craft will be the first to make it to the stars?

Craftsman Henry Potter is known for his ability to make exquisite jewellery and fine jewellery pieces from scratch.

He was born in 1854 in Newry, County Armagh, in Northern Ireland and moved to London in the 1890s.

Potter became a renowned maker of jewellery when he moved to Edinburgh in 1896, where he was a celebrated maker of precious metals.

In 1902 he opened a jewellery workshop at the old Strand, where his son Harry bought it.

Harry moved to the city in the 1930s and was known for the jewellery he made.

He died in 1951 and is buried in the Strand in New York.

His daughter Margaret became a well-known fashion designer, and in the 1950s she began working on a line of jewellers’ handbags and purses.

In the early 1970s she sold the business to her brother Frank and the line became the Potters.

He continued producing jewellery in New Street and the early 1990s he went into business with Harry and became the chairman of the company.

Mr Potter has a number of successful businesses, including jewellery manufacturing and retail, which have also helped to make him a successful writer.

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