‘It’s Not About The Guns’: What Trump’s new gun policies will do to gun owners

The NRA and the gun lobby are going to continue to lobby Congress against any commonsense gun safety measures, even though a majority of Americans agree with the NRA’s positions, a new study shows.

And in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, the gun control lobby has launched a coordinated effort to derail any bipartisan effort to address the epidemic of mass shootings.

In the latest poll by the pro-gun organization America’s Gun, nearly a third of Americans say the country needs to do more to reduce gun violence, a finding that was shared with Axios by the NRA.

A majority also said the country should focus on making it harder for people to get guns, rather than simply reducing access.

A majority of gun owners surveyed in the poll said they have a negative view of Trump’s gun policies, and they also said they want the president to reverse course on his campaign promise to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, which have been the main weapons used in mass shootings in the United States.

In a letter to the president, the NRA and gun lobby backers of the legislation wrote that “the gun industry has already demonstrated that they will continue to exploit and misuse these commonsense reforms and undermine any attempts to protect them.”

Gun owners said they are skeptical about the idea of a ban on assault weapons, saying that it’s likely to create a huge loophole for criminals and would not have much effect on the epidemic.

But many gun owners say they want to see a ban put in place, even if it means some gun manufacturers would be able to continue selling the weapons they make.

“It’s not about the guns.

It’s about the people,” said Mike Smith, a retired police officer in Alabama who is also the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations.”

There’s a lot of gun manufacturers that want to make more guns.

They’re the ones that make a lot more guns, and a lot are going out of business.”

The letter came amid a wave of anti-gun activism, with some gun rights groups threatening to shut down gun shops in the face of a potential nationwide ban.

A total of 16 states have already passed laws limiting the purchase of assault weapons or high-powered rifles, which are the primary weapons used to kill people with semi-automatic weapons.

In Alabama, Gov.

Kay Ivey signed an executive order last month limiting the sale of assault rifles and high capacity magazines.

In Alabama, the National Rifle Association has been working with other gun rights advocates, including the gun rights group the Southern Poverty Law Center, to convince state lawmakers to support a ban, but it’s unclear how that will affect the outcome of the legislative battle over assault weapons bans.

The letter from the NRA said the group “will continue to aggressively oppose any efforts to reduce the dangerous and senseless deaths that have taken the lives of thousands of innocent people across our nation.”

“We are committed to protecting the Second Amendment rights of our citizens, and the president and his allies will do everything they can to make it harder to own guns in our communities,” the letter said.

The NRA is not alone in its efforts to defeat any attempts at gun safety legislation.

The National Rifle Alliance has also launched a campaign to try to defeat an assault weapons ban, as well as efforts to block a ban in California.

In addition, several gun manufacturers, including Remington Outdoor, have announced they would stop making firearms after Trump’s executive order.