Craft kit makers in America are the most creative people in the country

Craft kit manufacturers in the U.S. have become more and more creative over the last decade, according to a new study.

The American Craft Kit Association estimates that around a quarter of all craft kit manufacturers have been making kits for decades.

They have also created some of the most innovative and creative kits ever made, according the report.

There are two types of kits, according a description by the organization: The craft kit makers are making kits to teach kids how to make their own things, or the kits they’re selling are designed to be sold at craft fairs, flea markets, craft events, craft stores and craft events.

This is a pretty remarkable report, because the majority of craft kits sold in the United States are for children, according John Ralston, president of the American Craft Kits Association.

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What are the biggest trends in the craft kit market over the next few years?