How to Craft a Bang for Your Buck

Crafts can be as simple as a bucket and some fancy tools.

But it’s a costly endeavor and it requires a little extra work and planning.

To help you craft the perfect batch of jewelry, craft distiller and barware, here are some of the best things you can buy for the money.


Bucket Beads Crafting can be done with buckets and some simple tools, such as a nail gun, but a lot of work goes into making the beads.

You’ll need a hammer and some metal wire.

The craft distillers in Maine are making these by hand, and they’re going to cost you.


Wooden Bucket Barware Crafts are usually made with clay and other materials, such a piece of string, a wooden stick or even wood chips.

You can make this yourself by grinding and pounding clay.

The metal wire and metal beads will come from your local metal shop, and the beads can be made by hand.

The wood will be reclaimed and used to make other craft items.


Bead-Crafting Kits Crafts require a little more planning.

You need to choose a style and size of bead, and you’ll need to find a source for your materials.

You might want to look at local craft distillation shops, but most will be in the Northeast or Midwest.

The best thing to do is to ask around online.

Be sure to check out the manufacturers online store, Craft Distillers Guild, which has a wide range of beads, craftware and accessories.


Metal Bead Barware You’ll also want to craft metal beads yourself, such with wood chips, steel or even brass.

Metal beads are used in many crafts, including glassblowing and painting, and some craft distillsers in the Midwest and Northeast will sell you a variety of metal bead products.


Baking Soda The best metal beads to craft are the kind that can be baked in your oven.

You want to make sure you can get enough baking soda to make enough beads, but not so much that you’ll burn yourself.

The baking soda will need to be diluted with water to make the beads stick together, and it can be purchased at your local hardware store.

The downside to baking soda is that it can ruin your beads, so you’ll want to plan ahead before you make the first batch.


Baked Potato Bead Beading can also be made with potato, but you’ll probably need to start with smaller, less valuable pieces.

You should be able to get away with using a pot and a mortar and pestle.

Bases, pots and spoons will also work.


Bamboo Bowl Bead Making is easy and inexpensive, too.

You may want to build your own bamboo bowl, which is a small bowl with a hole in the middle that allows for baking soda.

It’s a good way to make your own beads.

The bowls can be used in cooking, baking, baking soda and baking.


Wooden Bead Bottle A wooden bead bottle will work for craft distilled beverages, such beer and wine.

The beads can also make a nice display piece or decorative gift.

The glass can be recycled and used in other products, too, such wine bottles, glassware and glasswareware products.


Metal Glass Bead Glass is a great choice for beads and beads accessories.

You could make glass beads for jewelry or make decorative glassware, too!

The glass will need a little cleanup and will need some sanding to keep it looking nice.


Metal Barware Metal barware is a perfect addition to any home or business.

You don’t need to buy fancy materials, like marble or gold, but these will look great and last for years.

Make your own by grinding wood and using a hammer to make a rough, unfinished base.

The wooden beads will also be reusable.


Basket Crafting Basketcrafting can take some planning and skill.

You will need several materials, including beads, to craft the basket.

The easiest way to start is to purchase a few dozen bags at a local craft store.

You’re going the right direction, but the materials will cost a bit more.


Bedding Beddings can also have a special meaning.

You just need to make them yourself with a little help from a handyman.

You shouldn’t have to go to the store to buy a basket, but it can get pricey if you have to sell the finished product.


Glass Bedders Glass is another good choice for glass crafts.

Glass is an easy material to work with and it will last for many years.

You won’t need any special tools to make glass, but some craft manufacturers will make glass with a nail and a hammer.

Glass will also need to go through a few extra steps before it can become a finished product, such polishing and polishing again