A craft beer store’s ‘love letter to craft’

A craft brewery’s love letter to the craft beer industry has been a hit at the Diy Craft table.

The store, located on the first floor of a trendy Jerusalem restaurant in a renovated old building, opened its doors to the public last month.

The owners of the small shop, which sells beer, wine and spirits, took the initiative to create a new concept for the store and also set the table for its visitors.

The opening of the Diym Craft Table on the ground floor of the Jerusalem restaurant marks a new beginning for the Jerusalem-based craft beer shop, said Adi Farsalinos, who was the co-founder of the restaurant.

He described the opening of a new store as “an honour for us,” adding that it will provide a good opportunity for new businesses to open shop.

Farsalino explained that Diym has been on a mission to offer a wide range of beers, spirits and cocktails, while promoting local and regional craft beer.

Farther north, the restaurant has opened a craft beer bar, and recently opened a restaurant with a new menu featuring traditional Palestinian cuisine, such as Lebanese cuisine and Persian cuisine.

Farsaalinos noted that both of these restaurants are in line with the shop’s mission.

Farasalinos said that the opening was also an honour for his wife, whose family has been involved in the beer industry for over three generations.

He noted that the couple have always enjoyed having a drink together with friends.

Faresalinos recalled that in the late 1980s, his mother and grandmother had a party for their birthday at their home in Ramallah.

He said that when the family got to the bar and sat down to a beer, it was not uncommon to see other family members enjoying a beer as well.

Faresalino said that although the Diyp Craft Table is not as popular as some of the other craft beer bars, it is one of the best places in the city to find beer, spirits or food.

He added that the atmosphere and staff are great and that the quality of the products on offer is top-notch.

“When I first came to the shop, I was impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of the bottles.

And then when I saw the menu, I wanted to go and see the beers, but they didn’t have the right type of wine, so I just came back and started browsing the menu again,” he said.

Faredalinos added that he would like to open his own craft brewery someday.

In addition to his wife and daughter, Farsalsalinos also has a son, who is a graduate of the Israeli military academy, and a son and daughter-in-law.

The family has also been able to open a bar that sells beer at a reasonable price, but Farsalyas explained that his family would like more places in Israel to open their own craft beer shops.FARSALINOS said that in addition to the Diys, the store is also happy to have the support of local organizations and business owners.

The store has also received support from the Israeli Ministry of Culture.

FARSALINO said that he is also proud to have participated in the Jerusalem Craft Beer Festival in recent years.