Which craft stars have a cult following?

The CraftCast crew have been discussing the new series for a few months now, and we’ve got a great round-up of the cast members in the comments below.

Check it out: The CraftCast cast: Ashley Bennett, Matt Walsh, Matt Mercer, James O’Brien, Emily VanCamp, Scott Baio, Jason Sudeikis, Nick Offerman, and Chris Hardwick.

 A cast member recently mentioned that there are many actors who are fans of the show, but she didn’t specify which ones.

The Craft Cast is an all-ages television series that takes viewers on a journey of exploration and discovery.

The first episode airs on September 26 on PBS.

The cast will be available to watch live online at the CraftCastCast.com YouTube channel starting on October 1. 

(Via The Next Tech)