Why I’m still a preschool craftsperson

I’ve been a preschool craftperson for about 10 years now, and I’m a big fan of the way kids can interact with their craft, whether it’s making a miniature tree, or making an animal out of a block of cardboard. 

I think my favorite part of preschool is that you can teach them how to make something with all the tools you have in your hands, no matter what you have at home.

You can teach your kids how to do things like paint, or paint your nails, or sew a shirt. 

You can also teach them to play with things like Legos, or make them make their own games. 

And you can make them learn to play the violin, too. 

The preschool craft, of course, is about more than just the art, and it’s not just about the craft of making stuff. 

My daughter, who has autism, has a strong love for making things. 

She wants to be a musician, and has already started making a few homemade music videos, which I think is awesome, because she’s learning how to play music and play instruments. 

As a parent, it’s also about giving your child opportunities that they can’t get anywhere else. 

When she’s in preschool, I teach her to play her violin, and when she goes to preschool, she’s able to practice her singing skills.

She’s learning to be creative. 

That’s really what preschool is all about. 

It’s about building a bond with your child, and learning to love them for who they are.