ARK: A Gathering of Makers is a new book that will be out in September 2018. Here’s what you need to know about it. 1. ARK is a Gathering of Manufacturers

The first thing to know is that this is not a book about ARK.

The ARK project is not an MMO game.

ARKS creators are building an interactive, multi-media entertainment experience that will span multiple mediums.

In this book, they’re using the same platform that made Minecraft, ARK’s primary engine.

The goal is to bring the power of game design to an audience that has never played a game before.

The book is designed to introduce people to the game’s world, design the ARK universe, and deliver content for the ARKS platform.

The developers will have access to tools and resources to create and publish their content, including videos, podcasts, and other interactive experiences.

A curated list of popular games will be available.

The books goal is “to create an immersive experience that is both engaging and accessible.”

The goal of the book is to “bring together the most talented minds in the industry to create an entertainment experience with ARK, a game that is unique and deeply rooted in the creative imagination.”

The authors say that this immersive experience will “bring people together to create experiences that will enrich the world they live in and the stories they tell.”

They’re aiming to create something that “captures the spirit of what it means to be a gamer,” while simultaneously creating an “exciting, creative and fun experience that has the power to change the way you play games.”

In a statement to Polygon, the book’s publisher said that it will have a limited number of books in the “coming months” and that they’re looking forward to seeing the project “on the big screen.”


The game will be coming to Steam, iOS, and Android in 2018 The book will be published on September 30, 2018.

The full game is scheduled to release on August 23, 2019.

The publisher says that it has “a long way to go before the game is available for public consumption.”

It plans to include a free update on August 20 that will introduce a number of “major new features” that will “make the game even better.”

It says that they plan to release more games in the future.


You can download the book right now by clicking here.

The project is taking “an entirely new approach to ARK and its world.”

The book’s goal is not to create ARK in a specific format, but rather to create a “creative world that is rich in interactive storytelling and exploration.”

They say that their “goal is to create the world that people feel connected to and will spend time with in order to make the ARKEN experience even better.

The aim is to help people build an immersive entertainment experience, with an emphasis on making it enjoyable.”

They also want the book to “build the ARKR community, as well as give it a place to flourish.”

The publisher also says that the book will have “the capacity to be fully self-published, and will have open access to all backers and supporters for a period of time.”


The team behind ARK said they’ve been working on the game for “several years.”

They’ve worked on the ARKI and ARKS, they’ve worked with the team that makes Minecraft, they have an existing ARK game, and they have plans for ARK 2.0.

Here are the details: In 2016, the ARDK team announced that they were working on ARK as an open-source project and that the ARKY project had been in development for “six years.”

In 2017, they announced the release of a new version of ARK called ARK 1.2.2 that added the ability to “upload to and publish your own content, and build your own world.”

They released a new ARK expansion called ARKY 2.1 in 2018 that was “designed to provide the community with the tools to build their own worlds, while allowing the ARKA project to continue to provide content and services to the community.”

They continued to work on ARKS 2.3 in 2019.

This was the last major update to the ARKC and ARKR project, with the release in 2020 of ARKEN 3.0, which included “additional game mechanics and gameplay improvements.”

A few years later, in 2017, the team announced the ARKE project.

It was an open source project.

The community created ARK with a vision to make it “a truly immersive experience.”

The team also announced that there would be a sequel to ARKS.

“The next ARK will be a standalone game that we are working on,” the team said.

The sequel is called ARKE: New Horizons, and it will be released “in early 2019.”


ARKEN 2.4 is currently available for testing ARK has been available for free on Steam since October 2016.

The latest update, 2.5, brings a