Which craft beer brands should you be looking for when it comes to the holiday season?

I’ve been meaning to start a list of craft beer and craft cocktails for the past couple of years, but the craft cocktail craze is at an all-time high.

I have a couple of favorites that I’ve picked out that I think would be really cool to have in my Christmas gift.


The Biggest and Best New Craft Cocktails  I was really excited to be able to get a copy of my first draft of the Biggest & Best New Cocktails by Chris Loeffler for Christmas.

Chris is an incredible chef, who I know and respect.

He is an incredibly smart, talented, and experienced chef who also has a passion for craft cocktails.

The Bigger & Best is an annual list of the best new craft cocktails in the world.

It has been released over the past few years and has been a great guide for me.

I love the list, and when I saw this year’s list, I knew it was something I needed.

As for the Bigger&Best, I was looking forward to checking out this list.

The Bigger and Best list was published in 2016.

In 2018, Chris added a bunch of new recipes, some of which are not on the list. 

The Biggest&Best is a collection of the biggest new craft cocktail recipes in the history of the craft industry.

They have a new list every year, and every year the Biggiest&Best has gotten better. 

I love this list, but I think this year was better than last year.


The Craft Beer & Wine Festival in Houston, TX This year, the Houston Beer & Wines Festival was held in Houston.

This was a great event to watch, and I was able to snag tickets to watch it live.

It was a big, busy festival weekend, so there was plenty of space to enjoy.

There was a wide variety of craft beers and wine to choose from, and some of the winners were awesome.

Some of the new beers included, Kolsch from Pilsner Urquell, Raspberry Tart from Brooklyn Brewery, Alesmith from Founders, Trucker from New Belgium, Redhook from The Bruery, New Belgium Trouble from Ballast Point, The Barrel from Four Roses and The St. Bernard from Lagunitas. 

Some of these were great, some were not so great.

My favorite was Red Hook (my personal favorite), which had a sour sourness that I can only imagine came from being exposed to the sourness of the brewery’s sour yeast.

Another awesome brewer was Wyeast 1056 from the Oskar Blues brewery in Louisville, Kentucky. 

They made a really good bier.


Kiwi Craft Beer Company The Kiki Craft Company is a brand of craft breweries based in Hawaii.

Their craft beers have been in the Hawaii craft scene for a long time, and the brand is just starting to catch on in the states.

Kiki is one of those small craft breweries that have grown into their craft status.

At the Kikis own event, they had some of the most excellent brewed craft beer in the entire world.

They brewed some of my favorite beers that I would have never thought to order from a brewery in Hawaii and they also had some great local cider from Oahu which I was really stoked about.

For a beer that has only been around for a few years, it was a really good brew.

You can’t beat Kicks craft brew craft beer.


The Homebrewers Craft Beer Festival This is the biggest and best craft beer festival in the United States.

Homebrewers is a craft beer event that focuses on the craft brewing industry in the U.S. Most of the attendees are local and have been homebrewing for years. 

This year’s Homebrewer’s Craft Beer Festival was a massive event. 

It was full of great brewers from all over the world and it was awesome to see all the brewers and fans from all around the world gather to enjoy their craft.

People from all corners of the world came to see these great brewers and it felt like a really fun way to celebrate craft beer.


Pumpkin Spice & Espresso Festivals This summer, pumpkin spice and espresso has been an obsession for me for a while.

Over the years, I’ve tried several of the flavors, but none of them have