Why Christmas Crafts are better than Lego

Crafts that celebrate Christmas are also better than traditional Christmas lights, according to Harry Potter author JK Rowling. 

“Christmas crafts are a perfect gift for the kids and the whole family and are also much more affordable than Lego,” Ms Rowling said in an interview with the Irish Times.

“I’ve always said it’s more of a hobby, a way of making something.

It’s a great time for kids to come out and have fun.” 

Ms Rowling has been working on the book since 2012 and it is currently in its final stages. 

The book is set in a fictional world in which the world is ruled by Lord Voldemort and his followers and the wizarding world is controlled by the Dark Lord’s minions.

“There are so many Christmas lights around the world, I’ve just had to add some new ones,” Ms Potter said.

“You can go and buy the lights, but they’re not that good.

You can put in your own ones, but I just wanted something that was a little bit more realistic.” 

“They are more beautiful than Lego, but Lego is a little too expensive for me.”‘

I’m not afraid to make things’Ms Rowling said the biggest challenge for her was creating something that would not look out of place on Christmas day.

“It’s difficult for me to do a very simple thing,” she said. 

“[I] don’t like the idea of making things that look like they are going to be on the front pages of The New York Times or the cover of The Times of London.”

But I have to do things that are very, very simple, and I’m not shy about doing that.” 

‘It’s not about making things but about being good people’Ms Potter said the book is a “realistic look at a real life” family.”

What is really important to me is that we’re all good people, that we have a good family, that our kids have a happy childhood, and that we do not have to think of what we are going through as Christmas,” she added.”

So what I’m trying to do is to give the kids something that is realistic and real and to not make things out of plastic or metal or whatever, it’s about being a good person and being good to your children.

“And if you have a problem, you can just be like ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘it’s just a little thing’ and you can do that with the book.”‘

My book has opened my eyes’Ms McGonagall, who was born in 1951, said the Christmas books she has read in her lifetime have opened her eyes to how much time and energy people spend on Christmas.

“A lot of people think of Christmas and Christmas lights as an afterthought, but it’s an important time of year for people to be able to get together and be together and have lots of fun, and to spend lots of time together.”

If we can get people to spend time with their families, it will give people the opportunity to celebrate the season, and it will open their eyes to the importance of giving back.