How to write a great story

By marlon crafts source Independent Marlon crafts, which specializes in writing fiction, says that it has a list of the best books and short stories in the world.

This year it has compiled the list with its first book, “The Secret Garden.”

Crafts says it uses the list to determine what books are the best for young readers, and it uses that information to help decide which stories to put on the list.

The list includes the best novels and short fiction, the best short stories, and the best films and short documentaries.

Crafts believes the list will help readers make better choices for themselves and their families, which is why Crafts has a website where you can learn more about its rankings and choose your favorite books and stories.

Read more Crafts lists are based on its methodology.

For example, Crafts puts together a list based on the length of the novel, and then it compares that to the number of words in the book.

It says that a book with 100,000 words will have a lower average length than a book that has 500,000.

The number of pages also plays a factor in the rankings.

For books with shorter chapters, the number is much higher.

And, for books that take longer to read, the longer a story takes, the lower its ranking.

Craft says that the list is a collaborative effort by its authors, editors, writers and other professionals.

It uses their rankings to determine the list that will be published on Crafts’ website.

Craft’s list of best books, as well as the top short stories and films, will be made public next month.

Read the full article Marlon Craft says he uses the data on his list to make his recommendations.

Craft said in a statement: Every book is different.

Some books are just good.

Some are not good.

And some books are great.

If you want to write something great, read a lot.

That is my philosophy.

The books on the top of the list are books that are really great.

They are the ones that make me laugh.

I have a list for that.

But I also have a great list for other books, too.

Craft told ABC News he is not a writer.

Craft is a professor of literary studies at Indiana University and a bestselling author.

He has more than 300 novels in his collection “Masters of the Novel.”

Craft’s website says that his list of “best books” includes “books that make people laugh, books that inspire people, books with an emotional core, books about death and death and more.”

He says he wants the list of books to help readers figure out which books are best for them.

Craft has been in business for 22 years.

The first book he wrote was “The Art of the Game,” published in 1974.